Hebrew Nuggets, Lesson 33: Gehenna

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The prophet Jeremiah railed against the practice of offering children to the god Molech to be burnt in fire, and he foretold that the Hinnom Valley would become a place of judgement (Jer. 7:31-32; 19:6). The concept of ge·hi·NOM as a place of fiery judgment, a development of these ideas, arose in the Second Temple period. … The modern view of hell as the dwelling place of the devil where the demons torment the damned is a conglomeration of biblical and non-biblical ideas that were not part of the imagery associated with Gehenna. In rabbinic literature ge·hi·NOM is a fiery furnace where the wicked are burned up and obliterated at the final judgement. ge·hi·NOM is not the dwelling place of the devil, nor do demons inflict punishments there. … Not only is gan ‘E·den the place where, according to Genesis, the first man and the first woman lived at the beginning of creation, it is also, according to some rabbinic sources, the future reward of the righteous.

“Prophets and Kings”: The Evangelist Luke’s Curious Doublet

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As the parallel of “prophets,” the REB inserted “messengers” in place of the text’s “those who have been sent.” …

The LORD God of their fathers had sent word to them through His messengers  daily without fail, for He had pity on His people and His dwellingplace.

Myth of the Pagan Origins of Christianity

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That Christianity developed from Jewish roots is a well-known fact. Early Christian literature cannot be viewed as a phenomenon parallel to and separate from Judaism, or as derived from Greek thought.

Not Everyone Can Be Yeshua’s Disciple

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Matthew places the Not Everyone Can Be Yeshua’s Disciple pericope during Jesus’ time in the Galilee, on the heels of Healing Shimon’s Mother-in-law (Matt. 8:14-15) and Sick Healed at Evening (Matt. 8:16-17), whereas Luke places the Not Everyone Can Be Yeshua’s Disciple pericope during the early stage of Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem at a point when Jesus had already left the Galilee. … We have therefore placed Not Everyone Can Be Yeshua’s Disciple early in the section of the Hebrew Life of Yeshua entitled “Calling and Training Disciples.”… The non-canonical Gospel of Thomas (logion 86) also preserves a version of Jesus’ “foxes have dens” saying:

Jesus said: the and the birds nest, but (δέ) the Son of Man has no place to lay his head and to rest.

Widow’s Son in Nain

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We have placed the Widow’s Son in Nain pericope in a section entitled “Teaching and Healing in Yehudah,” a period early in Jesus’ career. …

Crucial Issues

  1. Where did the event described in this pericope take place?

Yerushalayim Besieged

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“Alas for the pregnant women and the nursing mothers when all this takes place! … Some will be killed, and some will go into captivity to foreign places.