Come study at the feet of Jesus with Jerusalem Perspective (JP). Together we’ll explore the historical, cultural, religious and linguistic contexts of the life and teachings of Jesus to better understand Jesus’ message and his place in first-century Jewish society.

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JP remembers Weston Fields. Our condolences to his family and friends.

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  • “Showing Proper Humility” complex
    A lesson in derech eretz (“proper conduct”).
  • Return to the Galil
    How a bare statement about Jesus’ return to the Galilee was pressed into the service of the author of Luke’s apologetic goals, the author of Mark’s kerygmatic program, and the author of Matthew’s theological agenda.
  • Completion
    How a promise of safe harbor evolved into a prophecy of the end.
  • Heaven and Earth Pass Away
    Jesus claimed his interpretations would bring out the true intention of the Torah’s commandments without rendering a single verse, word, letter, or even pen stroke superfluous.

In addition to exploring Jesus’ ancient contexts, JP promotes a new approach to the Synoptic Gospels. This approach, pioneered by Jewish and Christian scholars in Jerusalem, uses Hebrew as a tool for recovering the earliest forms of Jesus’ sayings.

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