Originally a print magazine and now an online publication, Jerusalem Perspective (JP) endeavors to help readers better understand Jesus’ life and teachings within the historical, cultural, religious and linguistic contexts of first-century Israel. JP also aims to acquaint readers with a new approach to the Synoptic Gospels, pioneered by Jewish and Christian scholars in Jerusalem, that uses Hebrew as a tool for identifying the earliest versions of Jesus’ sayings in the hope of more clearly conveying Jesus’ message to audiences today.

JP’s Most Recent Content:

  • Tumultuous Times
    Premonitions that the Temple’s destruction is at hand.
  • Temple’s Destruction Foretold
    Overhearing an innocent expression of appreciation for the beauty of the stones from which the Temple was constructed, Jesus uttered the prediction that the time was shortly to come when not one of those stones would remain in its place.
  • Like Children Complaining
    Were Jesus and John the Baptist like children who played a dance and a dirge? Or was Jesus’ generation one that complained like whining children about the prophets who came to warn it?
  • The Historical Jesus, a Tanna? Charity and Deeds of Loving-Kindness in the Gospels and Early Rabbinic Thought
    When nearly precise rabbinic parallels to stories and sayings in the Gospels exist, it may indicate that the Gospels are preserving traditions of the early Jesus movement and, perhaps, the historical Jesus.
  • Jerusalem Seminary Offers Unique Hebraic Learning Experience
    Enrollment for the Spring 2022 semester (March-May) is now open.
  • Carrion Birds
    Carrion Birds describes the enormity of the destruction Jesus foresaw. Israel would be rendered carrion to be picked over by the Roman legions.
  • “Torah and the Kingdom of Heaven” complex
    Examining how the author of Matthew constructed the Sermon on the Mount and recovering the sermon Jesus preached, which lies behind it.
  • Indiscriminate Catastrophe
    The consequences of persisting in violent struggle with the Roman Empire would be suffered by the innocent and the guilty alike.
  • Get the Real Deal with JP
    Some of JP’s content has been plagiarized on another website. This unfortunate incident highlights the quality, value and usefulness of what you read on JP.
  • Preserving and Destroying
    Jesus’ Preserving and Destroying saying may play off two different senses of the noun נֶפֶשׁ (nefesh, “soul”).

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