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Jerusalem Perspective (“JP” for short) is an online magazine dedicated to the study of the life and teachings of Jesus. We believe that it is essential to approach Jesus’ life and teachings from an historical perspective that is sensitive to the cultural setting of the Jewish people in the land of Israel in the first century.

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JP is a valuable resource for scholars, pastors, students, teachers, Bible study leaders and everyone who has an inquisitive mind. We have a lot to offer, and this page is intended to help you get started!

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  1. Hello again! Been absent for probably 10 years or so. Now retired at 87 plus, returning to the studies as I learned earlier there is no better source. Thanks for waiting for me (chuckle). I’m teaching a group of mid-lifers who have joined Jesus in this current portion of their lives. I feel alive again with people who are thirsting for the Truth and JP has no competition in the market place. Thanks for waiting for me. Sam.

    1. JP Staff Writer

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