Myth of the Pagan Origins of Christianity

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That Christianity developed from Jewish roots is a well-known fact. Early Christian literature cannot be viewed as a phenomenon parallel to and separate from Judaism, or as derived from Greek thought.

Widow’s Son in Nain

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We have placed the Widow’s Son in Nain pericope in a section entitled “Teaching and Healing in Yehudah,” a period early in Jesus’ career. …

Crucial Issues

  1. Where did the event described in this pericope take place? … Note the nearly identical structure (subjectless ἐγένετο + time phrase + καί + finite verb) found in the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew 1x; Luke 11x).

Yerushalayim Besieged

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“Alas for the pregnant women and the nursing mothers when all this takes place! … Some will be killed, and some will go into captivity to foreign places.

Not Everyone Can Be Yeshua’s Disciple

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Matthew places the Not Everyone Can Be Yeshua’s Disciple pericope during Jesus’ time in the Galilee, on the heels of Healing Shimon’s Mother-in-law (Matt. 8:14-15) and Sick Healed at Evening (Matt. 8:16-17), whereas Luke places the Not Everyone Can Be Yeshua’s Disciple pericope during the early stage of Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem at a point when Jesus had already left the Galilee. … We have therefore placed Not Everyone Can Be Yeshua’s Disciple early in the section of the Hebrew Life of Yeshua entitled “Calling and Training Disciples.”… The non-canonical Gospel of Thomas (logion 86) also preserves a version of Jesus’ “foxes have dens” saying:

Jesus said: the and the birds nest, but (δέ) the Son of Man has no place to lay his head and to rest.