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  1. JP Staff Writer Post

    Sorry about that! The LOY Map was recently updated, but when we plugged it into the site it didn’t take. It has now been fixed. Thank you for alerting us to the problem.

  2. I don’t really have much to say other than your site has been quite refreshing. I’m lucky and thankful to speak Greek, as that has helped tremendously while reading the Septuagint and Greek NT versions (Stephanus, Wescott-Hort, etc etc).

    So far I am agreeing with everything I’m reading so far, and getting insight into Jewish Idioms that are clearly there in the writing, but not easy to interpret simply from a reading of the Greek texts.

  3. Halvor Ronning

    Ever so grateful for the recent editing and publishing of Lindsey’s unfinished article on the Major Contribution of the Minor Agreements to understanding the relationships between the Gospel writers.
    The article itself is a major contribution to Synoptic Studies including its explorations of the Hebrew semantic domains behind even such common words as “stand” in the New Testament Greek.

  4. David N. Bivin

    Thanks, Ruth, for the question!

    That is correct. I was happy to receive the correction from a reader as to the timeframe. However, it remains true that the spelling and pronunciation “Jehovah” is a terrible Christian mistake.

  5. Brian Becker

    Hello BGarrett, I believe the problem is the statement “I went there immediately” – we emailed the info on Wednesday evening saying the special would start at midnight Pacific time (or Thursday morning 8am GMT).

    Sounds like you got there too early for the special to begin.


  6. Hi Brian,
    I just paid for a trial membership and it’s saying it has expired (I never even got to use it and I can’t view the articles I paid to be able to view. Please let me know what I need to do.

    1. Brian Becker
  7. Brian Becker

    Hello Richard, sorry for the delay in processing your account. Our system is a manual upgrade system and access is upgraded within a 24 hour window of payment. We try to process memberships twice a day. Hope you enjoy our site and over the coming 3 months your frustration ebbs as you enjoy the access to information our site provides.

  8. Brian Becker

    Hi dpasch01, you actually purchased a gift certificate rather than upgrading your account. Though the gifts are intended for subscribers to gift subscriptions to others, I’ll make an exception for you. Your account should be active within a few hours.

  9. Brian Becker
  10. Hi Brian,
    I have just purchased (renewed) a new premium membership but keep getting a screen that says Basic Membership already expired and so can’t get access to the full articles. Can you advise please.

    Michael Tucker
    Receipt No 3483-9151-8394-3751

  11. Hi Brian,

    I’ve just posted a comment to Joshua Tilton, using my husband’s i-pad and account/password etc because I can’t figure out how to manipulate the site/comments/etc through my own laptop. We have multiple computers (strangely, since we’re both so technophobic) but only one perspective account. Bottom line, this way takes way too long. How can I get more direct access without a second account?

    Incidentally, I am sooooo impressed by Joshua Tilton. But I do hope he rereads the Hebrew Scriptures before he makes another statement like the one about God (not) striking innocent people; perhaps Joshua just needs an editor. He is too promising – for all of us – to let such random (perhaps miswritten) statements be his premature undoing.

    I hope you and your family are still feeling ‘pleasant vibes’ from your whole-year cross-continental adventure. In this season of thanks, I am thankful to know that even though they/you may not be close at hand, there exists ‘someplace’ a community of believers of kindred spirit and hope for future generations.

    Camilla Luckey

    1. Brian Becker
  12. Brian,

    I just purchased a renewal of my premium membership — receipt # 1065-0015-7906-2140. I am unable to get past the “basic membership has already expired” screen and am unable to download any premium articles. Can you help?


    David Timmons — user name dtimmons

  13. Brian,
    The new website looks great.
    Like Robin Benson, I can’t seem to send an email through to you. I replied to one of your mails and that got bounced back.
    I tried the other email given on the website and that bounced back to.
    I was at the UK workshop with David Bivin earlier in the year and have been desperately trying to get in touch with him via email. So any ideas what I can do?

  14. Robin Benson

    Hi Brian,

    The site is great and much appreciated. I tried to answer the email that you very kindly sent me after an order I placed yesterday, but for some reason it has bounced back as being blocked for some strange reason. Anyway, just to say thanks for getting in touch and the enquiry – all is fine with the purchased download.


  15. Brian Becker

    @PatrickMurphy – I remember that feeling! 24 years ago…my understanding of Jesus and his teachings have been completely transformed by David and the other authors who contribute to this site.

    RE: Matt 24:28 FROM DAVID BIVIN:
    Luke 17:37b (parallel to Matt 24:28), “Wheresoever the body is, thither will the eagles be gathered together” (KJV), is certainly one of the most enigmatic of Jesus’ sayings. Commentators have noted that Jesus employed a proverbial saying to reply to his disciples’ question, however they differ about what the proverb means in this context. Some understand it to mean that the Son of Man will inevitably appear just as eagles will inevitably show up where there is carrion. Others suggest that it refers to the swiftness with which the Son of Man will come in judgment. Still others take it to mean that the Son of Man will come when the world has become like a lifeless corpse, rotten with evil and ripe for judgment. None of these interpretations seems satisfactory in light of the disciples terse question: “Where?”

    Part of the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research’s methodology is to translate sayings of Jesus into Hebrew to gain new insights into the meaning of the text. When this saying is put into Hebrew one notices a possible allusion to a passage from the book of Job that describes the habits of vultures: “It [the vulture] dwells among the rocks and there it lodges; its station is a crevice in the rock; from there it searches for food, keenly scanning the distance, that its brood may be gorged with blood; and where the slain are, there the vulture is” (Job 39:28-30, New English Bible). This passage concludes with the proverb to which Jesus seems to be alluding: ובאשר חללים שם הוא (uva’asher halalim sham hu), “and wherever there are slain, there it is.” Whenever the slain lie exposed in the open field, immediately vultures appear and huddle around them.

    Many English versions of the Bible, like the King James Version, present the reader with four literalisms in translating the eight Greek words of Luke 17:37b:

    1) “body” would be more idiomatically translated by “slain” or “dead body.” The singular of חללים (halalim, slain persons), the word used in Job 39:30, is probably behind the Greek word translated “body” in Luke 17:37 and “carcass” in Matthew 24:28. In biblical Hebrew halalim means wounded or slain persons, never carrion or the carcasses of animals.

    2) “eagles” should be translated “vultures” (eagles do not feed on carrion). The confusion arises because נשרים (nesharim), the Hebrew equivalent of the Greek word translated “eagles” in Luke 17:37, the same Hebrew word used in the Job passage (see Job 39:27), can mean both “eagles” and “vultures.”

    3) “will be gathered together” should be converted to the present tense: “gather together,” that is, “There the vultures gather together.” Hebrew proverbs use the future tense, but English proverbs use the present tense (e.g., “A stitch in time saves nine”). Future tense verbs in Hebrew proverbs must usually be changed to present tense when translating to English.

    4) “the body,” and “the vultures,” though technically definite, have an indefinite sense in this context and should be translated as “a [dead] body” and “vultures.” In Hebrew the definite article “the” often has an indefinite sense.

    A more idiomatic translation of this saying would be: “Wherever there is a slain person, there vultures gather.”

    Jesus seems to be speaking of the rapture. This is indicated by the use of “taken” in the preceding verses: “There will be two men in one bed. One will be taken and the other left. There will be two women grinding together. One will be taken and the other left” (Luke 17:34-35). “Take” is a Hebraism for “translate, rapture,” as in the case of Enoch of whom the Bible says: “Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, for God took him” (Gen. 5:24).

    Robert Lindsey reached the conclusion that the setting for Jesus’ saying was a meeting between Jesus and his disciples on the Mount of Olives just prior to his Ascension (Jesus Rabbi & Lord, p. 188). Jesus tells his disciples that at the rapture many people will be left behind (“one will be taken and the other left”). The disciples are concerned, and express this in just one word: איפה (eyfoh, where). “Where will you be, Lord? How will we reach you?” Jesus calms his disciples with a well-known proverb: “Wherever there is a slain person, there vultures gather,” that is, “Wherever I am, there you also will be.” At his appearance, the disciples instantaneously and miraculously will be found in his presence.

  16. Brian Becker

    Panina, we are using the browsers print feature so the margins on the page should be controlled by your browser or your printer. You could try printing in landscape mode to see if that fixes the issue. One possible way to fix this might be to try another browser, there are many to choose from including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.

  17. Brian Becker
  18. Brian Becker
  19. Brian Becker

    Hello David, I’ve “canceled” your free/basic membership and you can go back in there and select premium content. I’ve been working on giving users that ability, but just haven’t gotten it completed.


  20. Brian Becker

    Hello Mariela, here are the ways you can get to that authors page:
    Below the title of the article is the authors name in a box (it is clickable).
    On the left is the authors name and, for the most part, photo. The name under the photo is clickable.
    On the right under “This article is tagged as” you will find one of the tags as being that authors name. This goes to another page than the first two links. This one lists all the articles by that author plus any other articles where that author is being written about, for example reviews of that authors work.

    Also on the menu item “Study” and also “Info” there is the menu option “Authors” which will take you to a location where all of the authors are listed.

  21. I am impressed. I am on the web all day long and this is a refreshing site to see. […]

    Congratulations – what a lot of work – and it is pleasing to find a site that I don’t have to wade through all the ads to get to the relevant information of why I am at the site. […]

    Grace Sharon.

  22. JP now has the look of the more professional, scholarly sites for biblical studies. The content was always rich, and is now better organized. The new interactive features are positive and just so “21st century.” JP is one of the most wondrous sites for understanding the Jewish heritage and essence of Messianic faith. […] Kudos to the entire staff of JP!

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