Lindsey Synoptic Studies collection


Nine articles (pdf format) by Robert L. Lindsey in which he defends his synoptic hypothesis.


A collection of articles by Robert L. Lindsey in which he makes the case for his solution to the synoptic problem. Download the articles in pdf format upon purchase of this collection.

The collection includes the following nine articles:

  • 1. A New Two-source Solution to the Synoptic Problem
  • 2. A New Approach to the Synoptic Gospels
  • 3. My Search for the Synoptic Problem’s Solution (1959-1969)
  • 4. Gospel Origins: From a Hebrew Story to the Canonical Gospels
  • 5. The Major Importance of the “Minor” Agreements
  • 6. Introduction to A Hebrew Translation of the Gospel of Mark
  • 7. The Hebrew Life of Jesus
  • 8. From Luke to Mark to Matthew: A Discussion of the Sources of Markan “Pick-ups” and the Use of a Basic Non-canonical Source by All the Synoptists
  • 9. Measuring the Disparity Between Matthew, Mark and Luke

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