New Light on the Difficult Words of Jesus: Insights from His Jewish Context


Electronic Book: 208 pages in PDF Format.



by David Bivin

Electronic Book: 208 pages in PDF Format.
ISBN 0-9749482-2-5

What if we could step back into the first-century world of Jesus, walking on a dusty road with him as one of his first Jewish disciples? What if we heard his teachings in the context of the rabbinic conversations that surrounded him? Here we examine Jesus’ lifestyle as a first-century Jewish rabbi and look at how his words would have been understood within the larger framework of first-century Judaism. His words will grow in clarity and depth when seen in the light of their original setting. To view the Table of Contents, Foreword, and sample chapter, click here.

“In Jerusalem, David Bivin has interacted for decades with some of the best Jewish scholarship in the world. This book displays many of the brilliant Hebraic gems the author has mined that help illuminate the pages of the Gospels. Clearly written and very readable, Bivin shows why Christians need rabbinic sources if they intend to know and understand Jesus in his first-century Jewish setting. New Light on the Difficult Words of Jesus is a valuable resource for every serious student of Scripture.”
Marvin R. Wilson, Professor of Biblical Studies, Gordon College, Wenham, MA

“In this stimulating collection of writings, David Bivin will be your personal tour guide through the multi-hued Jewish landscape that frames the words of our Lord. Few guides are better equipped to show you these exciting vistas. Bivin’s insights into the life and times of Messiah are nuggets mined from a lifetime of labor, with scholarly skill and faithful determination. Reading New Light on the Difficult Words of Jesus will increase your love and respect for the man, Jesus, and summon your heart to walk after him in paths of discipleship.”
Dwight A. Pryor, Founder & President, Center for Judaic-Christian Studies, Dayton, Ohio and Jerusalem, Israel

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