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raised of a $10,000.00 goal

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What a blessing! This truly defines pressed down, shaken together and running over. We stand in amazement at the generosity of our friends who believe in what we are doing. We also stand with you to use these funds, and the new computer systems they represent, to do this great work which we have been called to do.

Blessings! Glory! and Honor!
Unto the LORD on High!

Dear Friends,

First a quick update: the dig at El Araj is in its final week and the archeological finds have been invigorating. They had been finding a lot of fishing weights each of their three years digging, but this year they discovered a press for making the fishing net weights. What a wonderful discovery! They have found over 50 coins, a Roman-period threshold under the Byzantine wall and a wonderful Byzantine mosaic. We thank you for your gifts and prayers for this trip.

It’s hard to predict life’s woes and yet we all face hardships. This past week, the Macintosh system used by our Life Of Yeshua editors, Joshua and Lauren Tilton, completely died. After taking it to the shop to get repaired, we were faced with the fact that it was too old to spend money on. At that point we took an assessment and a total of 3 of our systems need replacing before finding a similar fate.

The immediate need is a system for our editors, the final costs after adding a few needed Accordance modules and taxes and shipping come to $2950. The other two computers need to be laptops and cost slightly higher.

We urgently need to raise nearly $10,000 for these three systems.

Thank you for hearing us and considering whether you are able to help us with this need.

If you would like to mail in a check, please send to our U.S. Office:

Jerusalem Perspective
501 S. 10th Ave.
Stroud, Oklahoma 74079

David Bivin
Brian Becker

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