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David Bivin appeals for donations so that Jerusalem Perspective will have the $4,500 necessary to create an improved search engine.

Dear readers and supporters of Jerusalem Perspective, shalom!

Thank you for your support over the last several decades. I and my wonderful staff are eternally grateful.

Your financial support has helped our team create a unique website, one that is beautiful, easy to use, and a repository of unique Gospel scholarship.

I know you appreciate our ad-free site. We would like to keep the site ad-free while continuing to develop it. Your subscriptions and donations help us upgrade JerusalemPerspective.com, and provide insight into Jesus’ life-giving words.

I appeal to you to donate so that we will be able to create a new and improved search engine. We need to transform the crawling process of the engine, our articles are longer now than in years past and many of the newer articles are not properly processing because the process is taking too long and timing out. We also need to transition from our current online service to one that is served on Google or Amazon Web Service.

It is estimated that $4,500 will be needed to pay the software engineers for their work.

If each of you would donate just $3, we would have the funds to create a new and better search engine for the site.

Please partner with us as we continue to research the understanding of Jesus’ words and deeds.

Many blessings upon you!

David Bivin

Search Engine Improvement Fund

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Search Engine Improvement Fund

RAISED: $5028 of $4500

More Info About our search engine improvement fund

We are excited that our search engine fund goal has been reached and exceeded. We are thankful to all who have chosen to join with us in this endeavor. Programming has begun and we hope to have the new search engine released in early 2019.

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