Hebrew Nuggets, Lesson 34: Nazirite

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The final lesson in the Hebrew Nuggets series in which we learn the letter ז and the word na·ZIR.

In this lesson we will learn the remaining letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the Hebrew “z” sound, and the remaining vowels and diphthongs of the Hebrew language.
Updated: 4-Jan.-2016

Hebrew NuggetsAlthough we are arriving to it last, the letter ז is the seventh letter in the Hebrew alphabet. Called זַיִן (ZA·yin) in Hebrew, the ז makes a sound equivalent to “z” in English. Why are we learning ZA·yin last? Because in Hebrew, like English, words with a “z” sound are relatively rare.

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כָּל הַכָּבוֹד

In modern Hebrew the expression כָּל הַכָּבוֹד, literally “all the glory,” is used to say “Well done!” or “Congratulations!” Congratulations are certainly in order because, having come to the end of the Hebrew Nuggets series, you are now able to read and pronounce every letter and sound in the Hebrew language. There’s a lot more to learning a language than being able to sound out the words, but you have succeeding in taking an important first step. Having come so far we hope you will feel encouraged to continue. If you are interested in pursuing Hebrew language skills even further, there is no better resource we could recommend than Living Biblical Hebrew by Randall Buth of the Biblical Language Center. Click here for a free sample of the first lesson of the Living Biblical Hebrew course.

For the transliteration system used in this series, click here.

David Bivin would like to express his thanks to Joshua N. Tilton for his assistance in updating the earlier lessons of the Hebrew Nuggets series and for his editorial contributions to Lessons 30-34.

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