Video Clip: Halvor Ronning on “The Importance of Bible Geography for Understanding Jesus”

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In this video Halvor Ronning discusses the importance of geography for understanding the story and the message of Jesus.

In this video, excerpted from his lecture “The Importance of Bible Geography for Understanding Jesus,” delivered at the 2006 Jerusalem Perspective Conference, “Insights into Jesus of Nazareth: His Words, His Wisdom, His World,” Halvor Ronning discusses the important role geography plays in the story and message of Jesus.

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  • Halvor Ronning

    Halvor Ronning

    Halvor Ronning (B.A., St. Olaf Lutheran College; B.D., Lutheran Theological Seminary; M.A., Yale University) is a founding member and past director of the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research. An officially licensed Israeli tour guide, he has lived in Israel for over fifty years. Although born…
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