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  1. What is your perspective of Bauckham’s “Jesus and the Eyewitnesses”? In particular, what is your view of the Gospels as Oral History.

    1. JP

      Thank you for your questions. Since JP isn’t one single person, but an online journal that publishes articles by many different contributors it isn’t easy to answer a question like “What is your view?” about anything. We can say, however, that those contributors who accept Lindsey’s solution to the Synoptic Problem conjecture that the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke mainly depended on written sources, ultimately going back to an account written in Hebrew by an eyewitness to the events he recorded. Although Lindsey’s hypothesis does not exclude the role of oral tradition entirely, it gives oral tradition a much smaller role than many other theories have supposed. Scholars who do not accept Lindsey’s hypothesis but whose work is published by JP may assign a greater or lesser role to oral tradition in the Gospels.

      As to Richard Bauckham and his work, he is a first-rate scholar and we are indebted to his contributions to the field of New Testament and Gospel studies.

  2. Brian Becker

    This article has “Samaritan Woman” referenced:
    John’s Targumic Allusions

    These two articles reference both the words but not together:
    “And” or “In order to” Remarry
    Jesus’ Twin Parables

    And these two articles reference a portion of John 4:4-26:
    Call No Man “Father”
    Hebrew Nuggets, Lesson 24: Messiah (Part 2)

    With our new search engine, this will be very easy to find so please consider donating:

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