The Jesus Sources




by Robert L. Lindsey

This electronic book is an amazing insight into the Synoptic theories of Robert L. Lindsey. One reviewer wrote:

In this book Lindsey presents four keys to understanding the synoptic Gospels: 1) the influence of Hebrew on the Greek of the Gospels; 2) the interrelationship of Matthew, Mark and Luke; 3) the two sources of Luke; and 4) the restoration of longer story units which have been dislocated in transmission. Many passages are addressed and a wide variety of topics discussed to illustrate these keys and substantiate Lindsey’s claims about them.

Lindsey’s treatment of righteousness, dikaiosyne in Greek and tsedakah in Hebrew, is particularly informative. He states that “the word ‘righteousness’ in the way Jesus uses it…is synonymous with ‘redemption'” (pp. 43-44). For Lindsey, the highly Hebraic manner in which dikaiosyne is employed in the synoptic Gospels is a strong indication of just how literally these texts were translated, and therefore how dependable and authentic they are.

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Electronic Book: 94 pages PDF format.