Sermons from Narkis




by David Bivin, Randall Buth, Joseph Frankovic, R. Steven Notley and Halvor Ronning

Electronic Book: 55 pages in PDF format

This booklet contains five sermons that were preached from the pulpit of Narkis Street Congregation. Spanning a fifteen-month period, from July 1995 to October 1996, the sermons were delivered in the wake of Dr. Lindsey’s death on May 31, 1995. This was a time of reflection and transition as the congregation made renewed efforts to maintain a sense of continuity with its past while stepping forward to meet the challenges looming on the horizon of the twenty-first century.

Serving as senior pastor of Narkis Street Congregation for twenty-five years, Robert Lindsey touched the lives of many. He was a devoted husband, loving father, defender of orphans, dedicated pastor and seasoned biblical scholar. Among those he impacted, particularly in the area of synoptic gospel studies, are David Bivin, Randall Buth, Joseph Frankovic, Steven Notley and Halvor Ronning. Having been transcribed and collected here, these sermons reflect emphases similar to those Robert Lindsey made in his preaching and teaching.

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