Mendel Nun [1918-2010]

Mendel Nun [1918-2010]

Galilean fisherman, kibbutz member, author and foremost expert on the Sea of Galilee, Mendel Nun was born into a Zionist family in Latvia in 1918. In 1939 he immigrated to Palestine where he became a member of Ein Gev, which today is a thriving, modern kibbutz on the lake's eastern shore. For the next twenty years Nun worked as a fisherman on the lake. It was during this period that he became interested in ancient fishing methods. In 1964 his book, Ancient Jewish Fishing (Hebrew), was published. For it he was awarded the prestigious Ben-Zvi Prize. Nun's Hebrew monograph on the Sea of Galilee appeared in 1977.

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Articles by Mendel Nun [1918-2010]

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