Hebrew Nuggets, Lesson 13: menorah (Part 2)

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Continuation from Lesson 12 on the Hebrew word Menorah.

Revised: 29-Sept.-2015
In our previous lesson, we encountered mem, the first letter of the Hebrew word me·no·RAH. We also reviewed some of the background to the menorah in Jewish history. In this lesson we will meet two new Hebrew sounds found in this word.

Hebrew NuggetsThe menorah is a special symbol for the Jewish people. It symbolizes something of the ancient glory of the Jewish nation, which was embodied in the Temple and its worship.

When the Second Temple was destroyed by the Roman legions in 70 C.E. and the gold menorah and other Temple fixtures carried away to Rome, the menorah became a symbol of national independence and eventually the prominent feature of the emblem of the nascent State of Israel.

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We will continue our study of מְנוֹרָה and present the rest of its sounds in the next lesson of Hebrew Nuggets. To read the next lesson, click here. For the transliteration system used in this series, click here.
This article originally appeared in issue 13 of the Jerusalem Perspective magazine. Click on the image above to view a PDF of the original magazine article.

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