Hebrew Nuggets, Lesson 30: Lord

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After a hiatus of over twenty years, Hebrew Nuggets returns to Jerusalem Perspective. Learn to read the letters of the Hebrew alphabet with JP's editor-in-chief, David Bivin, and discover valuable nuggets of information about the Bible Jesus read and the world in which Jesus lived. If you have ever wanted to be able to read words in Hebrew and to learn more about the richness of the biblical tradition, then Hebrew Nuggets is the perfect place to begin.

Hebrew Nuggets

In Lesson 30 we will learn how to recognize and pronounce the final nun, plus two new vowels and one diphthong.

The word אָדוֹן (’a·DON, “lord,” “master”) is an important word in Hebrew. It is a title that is used not only for human masters, but also as a title for God. By now, all the letters in the word אָדוֹן are familiar to readers of “Hebrew Nuggets” except for the last letter, ן, which is called a “final” nun. We already learned the usual form of nun (נ) in Lesson 13, but one thing we did not mention there is that nun is one of five Hebrew letters that take a different form when they appear at the end of a word. In previous lessons we encountered two such letters: we learned the final mem (ם) in Lesson 15, and the final kaf (ך) in Lesson 27.

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