Eight Tributes to Robert L. Lindsey

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Lindsey in a moment of reflection (circa 1975–1980; photo: Kurt Ben-Joseph).

Following the death of Robert L. Lindsey on May 31, 1995, Jerusalem Perspective magazine (JP) published a memorial issue (October-December 1995, No. 49). Included in that issue were eight tributes to Lindsey written by his colleagues and students. These tributes provide glimpses of his remarkable life and work.

How to Know Jesus? Follow Lindsey!” by David Flusser

Practicing What He Preached” by Halvor Ronning

Blessed Be the Faithful Judge!” by David Bivin

The Jesus Who Changes People’s Lives!” by Steven Notley

To My Teacher, Pastor and Beloved Friend” by Brad Young

A Doer of His Father’s Will” by Joseph Frankovic

Excerpts from a Eulogy” by Ken Mullican

Jesus at the Center” by Dwight Pryor

With a great sense of loss, JP paid tribute to Lindsey, pastor, synoptic researcher, pioneer translator of the Gospels into modern Hebrew, and doyen of the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research. Dr. Lindsey was 77 years old.

His colleagues and students remember Dr. Lindsey as a giving, selfless individual and a dedicated biblical scholar. His Christian students and friends also remember a pastor named Bob who, always aiming at helping the congregants put Jesus’ teachings into practice, infused his sermons with the refreshing insights of Jerusalem-based scholarship.

Lindsey on an outing to the Judean Desert (about 1965). He is standing near the edge of the Wadi Kelt canyon opposite St. George’s Monastery.

Though we grieve the passing of Bob Lindsey, the scholarly work he inaugurated continues. Indeed, Lindsey continues to impact the lives of countless individuals. He raised up a circle of disciples, and now they too are raising up disciples. The movement he birthed continues to expand quietly—like a small seed! יְהִי זִכְרוֹ בָּרוּךְ (yehi zichro baruch, May his memory be a blessing).

This article originally appeared in issue 49 of the Jerusalem Perspective magazine. Click on the image above to view a PDF of the original magazine article.

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