Jesus’ Teaching Style Illustrated by His Response to Martha’s Anxiety

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The complete 2006 lecture is now accessible to JP users. View now!

In this lecture from the 2006 Jerusalem Perspective conference, Lenore Mullican, discusses Jesus’ unique style of teaching, which can be reconstructed from the witness of the Synoptic Gospels.

Special thanks to Bruce Okkema, who dedicated hundreds of hours to the creation of the videos in this series.

This lecture, along with the rest of the presentations delivered at the 2006 Jerusalem Perspective conference, is available through the En-Gedi Resource Center. To purchase the lectures in audio MP3 format, or to purchase the eight-disc DVD set, click here.














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    Lenore Mullican

    Lenore Lindsey Mullican is Professor Emeritus of Oral Roberts University. She received an MA in Biblical Literature and an MA in Advanced Biblical Languages from Oral Roberts University. She recently retired after teaching Modern Hebrew and Biblical Hebrew at ORU for thirty-one years. The daughter…
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