The Mikveh and Ritual Immersion in Jesus’ Day

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In this lecture from the 2006 Jerusalem Perspective conference, Professor Ronny Reich, the foremost authority on mikvaot (ritual immersion pools), discusses the requirements for a kosher mikveh.

Mikvaot came into use in Jewish society about 150 B.C., and the use of these ritual immersion structures continues until today in Jewish society.

See Reich’s 1999 JP article, “Design and Maintenance of First-century Ritual Immersion Baths.”

Special thanks to Bruce Okkema, who dedicated hundreds of hours to the creation of the videos in this series. This lecture, along with the rest of the presentations delivered at the 2006 Jerusalem Perspective conference, is available through the En-Gedi Resource Center. To purchase the lectures in audio MP3 format, or to purchase the eight-disc DVD set, click here.














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  1. Very interesting but strange how new archeological discoveries change things over 12 years. Ironically I have just come back from Israel and they are currently unearthing a number of Miqwot in Magdala so that changes the idea that the Sea of Galilee is one big Miqweh

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    Ronny Reich

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