An Hebraic Approach to the Resurrection

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The complete 2006 lecture is now accessible to JP users. View now!

In this lecture from the 2006 Jerusalem Perspective conference, Dr. Randall Buth examines the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ resurrection from an Hebraic perspective.

Click here to view the handout that accompanied Dr. Buth’s lecture.

Special thanks to Bruce Okkema, who dedicated hundreds of hours to the creation of the videos in this series. This lecture, along with the rest of the presentations delivered at the 2006 Jerusalem Perspective conference, is available through the En-Gedi Resource Center. To purchase the lectures in audio MP3 format, or to purchase the eight-disc DVD set, click here.














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  2. But either way you look at it, Jesus still rose from the dead on Sunday – whether it was late at night on Saturday (already considered the First Day of the Week for the Jews, since it was after sunset), or if it was early Sunday morning, at dawn.

    So, I’m not sure what this discussion is really getting at.

    1. JP Staff Writer

      I think the point is that the Hebraic idiom preserved in the Greek text of the Gospel resurrection accounts suggests that the Gospel writers were working with older materials from a Hebrew-language milieu. In other words, they did not invent the resurrection narratives on their own.

  3. Hi, Any chance I could get the 5 page handout that Dr. Buth referenced in his talk about “An Hebraic Approach to the Resurrection”? Thank you.

    1. Joshua N. Tilton

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