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As with most, if not all, truly great people, Robert Lindsey remained totally unaware of his greatness.

Words are extremely inadequate to express the meaning of the life of anyone, and particularly someone of the stature of Bob Lindsey. As with most, if not all, truly great people, he remained totally unaware of his greatness.

He was one of the humblest men I have ever known. He was quick to brush aside praise, and to turn the conversation to the other person. If you should have chanced to meet Bob, when you parted, he would have known much about you and you would have known very little about him. He had no hidden agenda—he was simply genuinely interested in other people….

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Lindsey in a moment of reflection (circa 1975–1980; photo: Kurt Ben-Joseph).

Following the death of Robert L. Lindsey on May 31, 1995, Jerusalem Perspective magazine published a memorial issue (October-December 1995, No. 49). Included in that issue were eight tributes to Lindsey written by his colleagues and students, including that of Ken Mullican above.

How to Know Jesus? Follow Lindsey!” by David Flusser

Practicing What He Preached” by Halvor Ronning

Blessed Be the Faithful Judge!” by David Bivin

The Jesus Who Changes People’s Lives!” by Steven Notley

To My Teacher, Pastor and Beloved Friend” by Brad Young

A Doer of His Father’s Will” by Joseph Frankovic

Jesus at the Center” by Dwight Pryor

This article originally appeared in issue 49 of the Jerusalem Perspective magazine. Click on the image above to view a PDF of the original magazine article.

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    Ken Mullican

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