The Jewish Roots of Discipleship

t the fifth Asia Pacific Consultation on Discipleship in May 2012, contributor, David Pileggi, delivered a lecture entitled “Yeshua, Leviticus and Holiness.”

In this lecture, Pileggi examines the Jewish origin of discipleship, which is founded on the principle of the imitation of God. Pileggi shows how discipleship is related to the repeated statement in Leviticus, “Be holy, for I am holy,” and discusses how this biblical theme informed the teachings of Jesus.

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  1. Hi David. Thank you for being so simple and clear in your explanations.
    I am very intersting in 2 points that you touched int the video:
    1st is about that hebrew word Amas Ira or Ire (Reminder). Could you please tell a bit more about tha?t
    2nd is concerning Holyness. You said that it has two aspects: Separation, Perfection and Goodness (God is good). Could you explain a bit that second aspect?

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