“Mary” on Ossuaries

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Ossuary from the Caiaphas family tomb with an inscription that reads מרים ברת שמעון ("Miriam daughter of Shimon"). See the <span style="color: #008080;"><b><i>JP</i></b></span> article by Ronny Reich, "<a href="https://www.jerusalemperspective.com/2598/">Ossuary Inscriptions from the Caiaphas Tomb</a>."Facsimile of the previous ossuary inscription.Ossuary with bilingual inscriptions with the names Μαριαμη ("Mariame") and מרים ("Miriam"). Courtesy of BiblePlaces.com.The name מרים ("Miryam") on a first-century ossuary. In this inscription the <i>yod</i> has a <i>qotz</i>. Courtesy of BiblePlaces.com.Close-up of the Greek inscription ΜΑΡΙΑΜΗ ("Mariame") found near the top right of the ossuary. Courtesy of BiblePlaces.com.

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