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Three great books:

Jesus, Rabbi & Lord New Light on the Difficult Words of Jesus Jesus’ Gospel
by Robert Lindsey by David Bivin by Joshua Tilton
In this book, Lindsey recalls the warm, personal account of how he and Professor Flusser struggled over many years to discover the earliest form of Jesus’ words and narrative of his life. They believe that the records, when properly analyzed and studied, show us an authentic picture of Jesus interacting with the people of Jerusalem and Galilee. Jesus clearly heads a movement, the “Kingdom of Heaven,” and is a Divine figure whose actions and words are fully Messianic. Reading this book will increase your love and respect for the man, Jesus, and summon your heart to walk after him in paths of discipleship. In this stimulating collection of writings, David Bivin will be your personal tour guide through the multi-hued Jewish landscape that frames the words of our Lord. We are excited to offer you Joshua Tilton’s new electronic book “Jesus’ Gospel”. This 113 page e-book brings a new and fresh voice to the discussion of Jesus and his message while on this earth. This is an easy to read and understand book which will challenge, encourage and strengthen what you believe about Jesus’ message.

All three books for only $29.95 — a 30% savings!