Judaism of the Second Temple Period, Vol. 1 & 2 Bundle




Volume 1: Qumran and Apocalypticism
Volume 2: Sages and Literature

by David Flusser

Translated by Azzan Yadin

Foreword by David Bivin

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In Judaism of the Second Temple Period, Flusser examines the influence of apocalypticism on various Jewish sects. He states that the teachings of Jesus, while reflecting first and foremost the views of the sages, are also influenced by Jewish apocalypticism. Examining the Essenes, their effect on Hebrew language, the split of sects, and much more, Flusser¹s collected essays offer an important source of study for any Dead Sea Scrolls scholar.

The second volume in Judaism of the Second Temple Period considers why the Book of Daniel was the only apocalyptic work incorporated in the biblical canon. It further addresses the fact that while it is the only apocalyptic book composed before the destruction of the Second Temple, it nonetheless describes events subsequent to the revelation at Sinai.

David Flusser (1917 – 2000) was professor of early Christianity and Judaism of the Second Temple Period at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His best-known book, Jesus, was translated into eleven languages.

David Flusser was an incredibly prolific scholar of ancient Judaism, and his contributions to Dead Sea Scrolls research and apocalyptic literature are inestimable. These English editions make more of Flusser’s insightful work available to a wider audience than ever before.