Judaism of the Second Temple Period, Vol. 1 & 2 Bundle


Two volumes in PDF format.



Judaism of the Second Temple Period
Volume 1: Qumran and Apocalypticism
Volume 2: Sages and Literature

by David Flusser

Translated by Azzan Yadin

Foreword by David Bivin

Electronic Books in PDF Format

ISBN 978-0-8028-2469-1 (Vol. 1)
ISBN 978-0-8028-2458-5 (Vol. 2)

In Judaism of the Second Temple Period (JSTP), Flusser examines the apocalyptic worldview of the Dead Sea Sect. Flusser’s collected essays on this subject are an important resource for Dead Sea Scrolls scholars and a useful introduction for beginners.

The second volume of JSTP considers the worldview of the rabbinic sages and introduces readers to prominent Second Temple period personalities such as Hillel, Philo of Alexandria and Josephus.

David Flusser (1917 – 2000) was professor of early Christianity and Judaism of the Second Temple Period at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His best-known book, Jesus, was translated into eleven languages.

Flusser was prolific scholar of ancient Judaism. His contributions to Dead Sea Scrolls research and apocalyptic literature are inestimable. These English editions, co-published by Jerusalem Perspective (JP), make more of Flusser’s insightful work available to a wider audience than ever before.

Notice to Purchasers

Although the two volumes of Judaism of the Second Temple Period are a valuable resource, it has come to the attention of JP that the English translations are marred by numerous errors and omissions. JP has made an effort to identify and correct these errors in a post entitled “Corrections and Emendations to Flusser’s Judaism of the Second Temple Period.”