Pills to Calm Your Nerves? Try the Peace of the Lord!

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Thousands of Israelis are inundating telephone aid centers. The reason: the difficult security situation and fear of approaching war with Iraq.

Recently, an ad with this headline has been appearing in the Jerusalem Post: “ANXIETY ATTACK? Sleep Disturbances? Stress? Nerves? Bad Mood?”

Thousands of Israelis are inundating telephone aid centers. The reason: the difficult security situation and fear of approaching war with Iraq.

What is the solution the ad is selling? A 100% natural food supplement that will provide relief for all the above problems.

We all know there are pills to calm our nerves, pills to help us focus, pills to give us energy and pills to help us sleep. Indeed, there are many who need assistance to function in various areas of life. While the pills being advertised in this ad may help calm nerves and relieve stress, they cannot provide the peace and quiet that comes from our Lord. We receive this peace only when we understand the character of God. He knows everything that is happening and the outcome, not only in world conflicts but in our personal day-to-day anxiety concerns. The only solution is to daily give over our fears to Him and experience His perfect peace.

It is true, we are preparing for war: cleaning out the bomb shelter, preparing a “safe room” and exchanging our old gas masks for new ones. And yes, it will be frightening if scuds from Iraq start sailing overhead, but our lives are in the Lord’s hands and we simply must trust Him. The best pill in the world is called Trust and can be taken as needed, once a day or several times a day.

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