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A collection of thirty-five JP articles to celebrate JP's first thirty-five years.

Treasures New and Old (Matt. 13:52): Celebrating 35 Years of Jerusalem Perspective (PDF, approx. 400 pages). To be released in October 2022.

To mark the thirty-fifth anniversary since the publication of Jerusalem Perspective’s first issue in October 1987, JP is releasing a new e-book that includes thirty-five of JP’s most important, informative and thought-provoking articles. Included in the e-book, entitled Treasures New and Old (Matt. 13:52): Celebrating 35 Years of Jerusalem Perspective, are articles from JP’s earliest days to recently published essays by a variety of authors. Also included are a retrospective reflection on JP’s achievements in the Foreword by Jerusalem Perspective’s founder, David Bivin, and in the Introduction by Joshua Tilton a vision for JP’s future.

The e-book (PDF format, approx. 400 pages), which is scheduled to be released in October, will be available through JP’s Bookstore. The regular price will be $24.95, but for a limited time the e-book will be sold for $19.95 as we celebrate JP’s first thirty-five years.

A sample of the e-book, including the Cover, Title Page, Table of Contents, Foreword, Introduction, and List of Authors, is included below:

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