1987 Television Interview with Robert Lindsey

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View a 1987 television appearance of Rev. Dr. Robert L. Lindsey in which he shares his understanding of Jesus' concept of the Kingdom of Heaven and Jesus' division of redemption history into three distinct periods.

In a 1987 television appearance on “Praise the Lord,” a Trinity Broadcasting Network program hosted by Paul and Jan Crouch, Rev. Dr. Robert L. Lindsey shared his understanding of Jesus’ concept of the Kingdom of Heaven and Jesus’ division of redemption history into three distinct periods (the Days of the Prophets, the Kingdom of Heaven, and the World to Come). During the interview Lindsey’s views were challenged by the hosts and especially by special guest Doug Clark, an end times preacher who was promoting a book in which he claimed the rapture was about to take place in 1988. Lindsey’s main argument was that speculations about end times prophecies should be conformed to Jesus’ teachings in the Gospels. Lindsey also called for a more sophisticated approach to Scripture, including a doctrine of inspiration that is big enough to fit the facts of literary development and dependence among different portions of the Bible.

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To learn more about Lindsey’s understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven, see Robert L. Lindsey, “The Kingdom of God: God’s Power Among Believers.”

For a detailed discussion of Jesus’ prophecy concerning the destruction and redemption of Jerusalem, see Robert L. Lindsey, “From Luke to Mark to Matthew: A Discussion of the Sources of Markan ‘Pick-ups’ and the Use of a Basic Non-canonical Source by All the Synoptists.”

For more on Lindsey’s view of how the Synoptic Gospels are interrelated, see Robert L. Lindsey, “Unlocking the Synoptic Problem: Four Keys for Better Understanding Jesus.” And check out the video entitled “Robert Lindsey’s Theory of How the Synoptic Gospels Came into Being.”

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  1. This is honestly difficult to watch and not just because of the gaudy fashion! Kudos to Dr. Lindsey for remaining gracious and sticking to “the text in context” in what was obviously a hostile environment.

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  • Robert L. Lindsey [1917-1995]

    Robert L. Lindsey [1917-1995]

    Robert L. Lindsey (1917-1995; B.A., University of Oklahoma, Th.M., Princeton Theological Seminary, Th.M. and Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) was the long-time pastor of Jerusalem's Narkis Street Congregation. His research on the Synoptic Gospels led to the creation of the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research.…
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