Reading the Book by Joseph Frankovic


Reading the Book by Joseph Frankovic. Free E-Book (PDF format).



In Reading the Book Joseph Frankovic contends, “Interpreting the Bible is a question of acute relevance because how we understand Scripture ultimately determines to a large degree how we put it into practice.” The author also emphasizes that each generation must interpret the Bible in such a way that it “remains applicable to the ever changing circumstances and needs of the community of faith.”

To meet the challenges, difficulties and risks of interpreting the Bible, Frankovic proposes a “Jesus-centric” approach: How did Jesus read his Bible? Drawing clues from the gospel accounts as well as from rabbinic sources, the author gives readers a sharper understanding of who Jesus was historically and why he chose a particular style of teaching to communicate his message about the Kingdom of Heaven and his distinct approach to Torah.

Despite its brevity, Reading the Book serves as a good introduction for looking at not just the Gospels, but the entire biblical text from a fresh perspective.

E-book (PDF format), 41 pages.