Jerusalem Seminary Offers Unique Hebraic Learning Experience

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Enrollment for the Spring 2022 semester (March-May) is now open.

Enroll Now for the Spring Semester Starting March 2022

Everyone going into ministry benefits from spending time studying in the Land of the Bible. But until the founding of Jerusalem Seminary in 2018 no seminary existed in Israel for English speakers. Jerusalem Seminary (JS) was created to fill that gap and to provide unique training related to the Land of the Bible and our Hebraic Heritage. In many ways Jerusalem Seminary attempts to extend the blessing that Jerusalem Perspective (JP) has been in my life personally since the mid 1990s and the blessing JP has been to many readers around the world.

Baruch Brian Kvasnica teaching a group of students.

A number of JS lecturers are also Jerusalem Perspective authors. Randall Buth, Halvor Ronning, David Pileggi, and Adam Focht of JP authorship are among those contributing lectures to Jerusalem Seminary’s courses this Spring 2022. Additionally JS lecturers Gary Alley, Baruch Kvasnica, Halvor Ronning and Randall Buth have regularly participated in Jerusalem School for Synoptic Research seminars over the past two decades. In a further connection, JS’ new course Life and Land of Yeshua from this spring’s roster will be using Jerusalem Perspective as a key resource for providing many of the classes’ required readings.

Jerusalem Seminary is located in the heart of Jerusalem, near the famed Jaffa and Ben Yehuda Streets and a 10 minute’s walk from the Old City. Two of JS’ three schools have launched – the School of Hebrew and the School of Bible. Each course is designed with the belief that the Story of the Bible must never be separated from the Land of the Bible, the People of the Bible, and the Language of the Bible. In order to meet student’s unique needs, Jerusalem Seminary offers traditional, modular and online course models.

  • Since 2018 the School of Hebrew, also known as Hebrew for the Nations, has provided a rigorous, language-focused curriculum that teaches in an immersive and dynamic manner. Program options include enabling students to study Hebrew without the requirement to study in Jerusalem, summer short-term Hebrew courses, graduate studies in Hebrew, and Teaching Methodology courses for native Hebrew speakers. Three levels of the oral-emphasis Biblical Hebrew as a Living Language courses are available.
  • Inaugurated in Fall 2021, the School of the Bible provides educational opportunities beyond the traditional classroom which integrates the Land, Language and People of the Bible into all aspects of biblical and theological studies. Courses have included: The Gospel of Matthew in its First Century Jewish Context, Israel Matters: A Theology of People and Land, Biblical Hebrew as a Living Language, and Early Christian Worship in its Jewish Context.
  • The School of Graduate Studies, slated to open in Fall 2023, will provide unique graduate level courses based in and from Jerusalem: both semester and year abroad programs as well as mini-courses in Israel.

Jerusalem Seminary explores ancient Biblical texts in context and in order to engage modern twenty-first century questions. The Jerusalem Seminary learning-model is community oriented, connecting students to students and students to mentors to foster a robust learning experience.

Enrollment for the Spring 2022 semester (March-May) is now open. Nothing can replace studying in Jerusalem in person, but since that is not feasible for everyone, our courses are also readily available online. This Spring 2022 semester’s unique offerings include Jewish Life and Literature, Biblical Hebrew levels 1 and 2, Faith, Politics and Ministry in the Middle East and Life and Land of Yeshua.

For more information, visit Jerusalem Seminary‘s website at:

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