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Audio recordings of some of JP’s most valued, interesting and informative content.

Jerusalem Perspective is excited to introduce a new feature for subscribing members: Audio JP. Audio JP allows members to consume some of Jerusalem Perspective’s most valued, interesting and informative content while on the go. To start listening to Audio JP, click here to visit the Audio JP page or click on the icon below and to the right.

For the time being, the Audio JP collection is somewhat limited, but we will continue to expand the Audio JP library if this new feature enjoys sufficient interest from members. So if you enjoy this new feature, please leave a comment below to show your interest and support.

Subscribing JP members have full access to the Audio JP collection. If you’re not a member yet, Audio JP is another great reason to join.

Music in the Audio JP files is excerpted from the Hebrew song Moshe written by Immanuel Zamir in a recording sung by Yaffa Yarkoni obtained from Wikimedia Commons.

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