Upcoming Events

September 15-16, 2012

Bath, U.K. Workshop

Location: Monkton Combe Village Hall, Bath, U.K.

Sponsors: Andrew and Margaret Bosanquet

Dates: Saturday-Sunday, September 15-16, 2012

Contact: Andrew and Margaret Bosanquet

Tel.: 01225-840-593; Mobile: 07832-997-862


Workshop theme: “First-century Jewish Culture and Language: The Two Most Important Keys for Understanding the Words of Jesus”

Knowing the culture and language of the Jewish people in the time of Jesus can help us answer important questions such as: “How did Jews address a teacher such as Jesus in the first century?”; “What posture did a Jewish teacher take to teach?”: “What is the posture one assumed for eating?”; “What did Jesus mean by ‘verily’?”; “What are ‘light’ commandments, and what are ‘heavy’ commandments?”; “What is ‘Kingdom of Heaven,’ or ‘Kingdom of God’?” We will find answers to these questions, and many others, during the workshop.

Workshop Conducted by: David Bivin.

A specialist in the Semitic and Jewish background of the New Testament, Bivin has lived in Israel for more than 40 years. He distills his years of study into twelve hours of interactive study. No previous knowledge is required (apart from the reading outlined below). The workshop is designed for ordinary followers of Jesus.


Tuition cost: £120 for the two-day, twelve class-hour workshop for participants who register before 3 September 2012. After 3 September, cost will be £150. Participants may ensure a place in the workshop by payment of a £30 deposit (non-refundable), which will be applied to the tuition fee when full payment is made.

Optional extras: Friday evening shared Shabbat Kiddush and meal (£5/head); Saturday lunch (£5/head); Sunday lunch (£5/head); Sunday evening Rosh HaShanah meal and introduction to the festival (£5/head).

Preparation: Participants should bring to the workshop a copy of Burton Throckmorton’s Gospel Parallels (1992) (ISBN 0840774842) and David Bivin’s New Light on the Difficult Words of Jesus (2005) (ISBN 0974948225), which should be read in advance. Participants should also read in advance: Lois Tverberg’sWalking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus (2012) (ISBN 0310284201), and the introductory pages of Gospel Parallels (through the section “Noncanonical Gospels”).

Upon a participant’s registration and full payment of the tuition fee, he or she will receive a free 6-month subscription to Jerusalem Perspective Online’s “Premium Content” membership. The membership of a registrant who is already a Premium Content member will be extended by 6 months. Friends of Jerusalem Perspective will receive a 40% discount on tuition.

Places are limited, so register now. Margaret and Andrew can help you find local accommodation if required.