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A plea for an iMac for David, scanner, laptop for proof editor, website update & more David, Brian & Joshua make an appeal to the incredible people who know the value of our research and website.





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Dear Friends,

David needs a new iMac, our proof editor needs a new laptop, we need a book scanner that will allow us to scan books which are no longer in print and our website needs some serious attention.

Over the course of 2020 we have worked diligently to publish more articles and blogs. We are excited about the future of our work but with that we need some help. Most people think we have 1000s of subscribers, but truthfully the number of annual subscribers is under 300. We do not do this work for great profit, or really, for any profit at all.

That is why, when there are needs, we have to reach out and make a plea for your help.

Our immediate need includes:

  • a new iMac system for our founder & publisher, David Bivin
  • a diagonal book scanner (without damaging the book or spine) for David
  • a part-time aide to scan David’s massive library
  • a diagonal book scanner for Joshua Tilton
  • a website design, update, SEO work, and other improvements
  • a laptop for our proof editor, Lauren Asperschlager

With all of these needs, our goal to raise is between $14,500 and $20,000. Thank you for hearing us and considering whether you are able to help us with this need.

Please help us get to our goal by making a donation now. If you would like to mail in a check, please send to our U.S. Office:

Jerusalem Perspective
501 S. 10th Ave.
Stroud, Oklahoma 74079
(if you mail a check, please message so we can update our totals)

Oh LORD, may those with a good eye see our request!

David Bivin
Brian Becker
Joshua Tilton

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  1. Hi, I have tried several times to make a donation to your computer project. Each time Paypal say something along the line of ‘donation to the recepient’s country is not supported’. The only way out of the warning screen is a link provided underneath the warning to return to JP’s shop.

  2. Alistair Montgomery
    1. Brian Becker Post

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