Jerusalem Perspective Conference DVDs Released!

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I am happy to announce that the conference WAS filmed. The conference talks and special music are now available! This month is the official debut of the DVD set called:

“Jerusalem Perspective 2006”
Conference DVDs Just Released

Dear Jerusalem Perspective Online readers,

Many of you wrote to me in the months preceding our June conference saying,

I so much wanted to attend the “Jerusalem Perspective 2006” Conference in Jerusalem, but unfortunately, I will not be able to come. Will you be filming the conference? Please let me know if recordings of the conference will be available.

I am happy to announce that the conference WAS filmed. The conference talks and special music are now available! This month is the official debut of the DVD set called:

Insights into Jesus of Nazareth: His Words, His Wisdom, His World

The 8-DVD set contains 14 talks given at the “Jerusalem Perspective 2006” Conference, held in Israel on June 19-21, 2006. These addresses, delivered by acclaimed scholars, place Jesus and his sayings in their first-century Jewish context. The speakers are internationally recognized authorities on archaeology, language and the Jewish culture of Jesus’ day, and their presentations were uniformly excellent. The set contains over 14 hours of video, and includes other conference highlights such as a recently discovered documentary video of pioneer scholars Dr. Robert Lindsey and Professor David Flusser filmed in 1974.

Introductory Price only $59 for the set of 8 DVD’s!

This series was produced by our friends at the En-Gedi Resource Center ( and is available for purchase from their online store. You can view sample clips and order the set at this link.

“The Value of Translating Matthew, Mark and Luke to Hebrew” 
David Bivin, Editor of Jerusalem Perspective

“A Hebraic Approach to the Resurrection of Jesus”
Randall Buth, Founder and Director, Biblical Language Center

“Is Jesus Superior to the Law? Reappraising the Antitheses in Matthew 5” – and – “Jesus’ High Self-Awareness and the Christology of Paul”
Dwight A. Pryor, Founder and President, Center for Judaic-
Christian Studies

“Why Rabbinic Literature Is Pertinent to the Study of the Gospels” – and – “Jesus Among the Rabbis: Spiritual Life and Leadership”
Brad Young, Founder, Gospel Research Foundation

“The Mikveh and Ritual Immersion in Jesus’ Day” 
Ronny Reich, Professor of Archaeology, Haifa University

“The New Testament in the Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls”
Hanan Eshel, Professor of Archaeology, Bar Ilan University

“Was Jesus Buried in the Garden Tomb? First-Century Jewish Burial in Jerusalem”
Gabriel Barkay, Professor of Archaeology, Bar Ilan University

“Jeremiah’s New Covenant and Jesus’ Movement”
Serge Ruzer, Professor of Comparative Religion, Hebrew University

“Jesus, the Sin-Fearer” 
David Pileggi, Director, Alexander College

“Jesus’ Teaching Style Illustrated by His Response to Martha’s Anxiety”
Lenore Mullican, Professor, Oral Roberts University

“The Pastoral Relevance of Who Wrote the First Gospel” 

– and – “The Importance of Bible Geography for Understanding Jesus”
Halvor Ronning, Director, Home for Bible Translators

Included in this set is a music DVD that contains many of the songs that Robert Lindsey wrote. Also included is a tribute to David Flusser delivered by the renowned James H. Charlesworth of Princeton Theological Seminary.

I have never seen anything as good as this collection of presentations. I can recommend it highly, and urge you to order it today.

Sincerely yours,

David Bivin

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