Unearthed Treasures: English Versions of Previously Untranslated Flusser Articles

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Check out these translations at WholeStones.org.

JP wishes to make its readers aware of English versions of several articles by Professor David Flusser that were previously available only in Hebrew and/or German. These English translations are freely available to anyone at WholeStones.org.

Professor David Flusser

Professor Flusser, one of the world’s leading Jewish authorities on Early Christianity, was a frequent contributor of articles to Jerusalem Perspective. In these new English translations Flusser examines such topics as the song of the angels (“Glory to God in the Highest…”) who appeared to the shepherds in Luke’s Gospel, Jesus’ temptation in the desert, Jesus’ exposition of the Torah in the Sermon on the Mount, examples of midrash (ancient Jewish interpretation of Scripture) in the New Testament, the rejection of Jesus by the Samaritan villagers, and a new look at Jesus’ “opening up of the Scriptures” to the disciples on the Emmaus Road.

On the same site as the Flusser translations readers will also find English versions of articles by other (mainly Israeli) scholars on subjects relating to the New Testament, rabbinic literature, and the Second Temple Period.

Below are links to the individual articles:

David Flusser, “Sanctus and Gloria
(On the angels’ song to the Bethlehem shepherds)

David Flusser, “Jesus’ Temptation and Its Jewish Background

David Flusser, “The Torah in the Sermon on the Mount

David Flusser, “Midrash in the New Testament

David Flusser, “Luke 9:51-56—A Hebrew Fragment
(On the Samaritans’ refusal to show hospitality to Jesus)

David Flusser, “‘Everything Written…in the Psalms About Me’ (Luke 24:44)” (On the Emmaus Road incident)

Detail of the painting “Who Shall Be Captain” by Howard Pyle. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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