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The Jewish People in the First Century is now available to all users of the internet who have registered with the Internet Archive for an e-library card.

The Internet Archive has recently made the two-volume work, The Jewish People in the First Century[1] available to all users of the internet who have registered for an e-library card.

The Jewish People in the First Century includes important articles by JP authors Shmuel Safrai and David Flusser and other world-renowed scholars such as Menahem Stern, Shimon Applebaum, Michael Avi Yonah, and Chaim Rabin.

Click here to access vol. 1.

Click here to access vol. 2.

Articles in the two-volume work include “Religion in Everyday Life” and “The Temple” by Shmuel Safrai; “Paganism in Palestine,” by David Flusser; “The Reign of Herod and the Herodian Dynasty,” by Menahem Stern; “Economic Life in Palestine,” by Shimon Applebaum; and “Hebrew and Aramaic in the First Century,” by Chaim Rabin.

These essays and the other articles included in the two volumes of The Jewish People in the First Century are foundational for a proper understanding of Jesus and the Gospels in their first-century Jewish contexts. Enjoy!

  • [1] Shmuel Safrai and Menahem Stern, eds., The Jewish People in the First Century (2 vols.; CRINT I.1-2; Amsterdam: Van Gorcum; Philadelphia: Fortress, 1976).

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  1. re: “Paganism in Palestine,” by David Flusser – just curious why the preference to refer to the land (in the first century) as Palestine as opposed to Israel? In light of Matthew 2:21 “Then he arose, took the young Child and His mother, and came into the land of Israel.”

    1. JP Staff Writer Post

      By using the term “Palestine” Flusser was not trying to make a political statement. Flusser made aliyah (immigrated to the Holy Land) during the British Madate before the modern State of Israel was established. At that time the official name of the region was Palestine. To read Flusser’s biography, click here.

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