Hebrew Nuggets, Lesson 9: Hallelujah (Part 1)

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The Hebrew word ha·le·lu·YAH is used as the next object The Hebrew word ha·le·lu·YAH is used as the next object lesson in Hebrew Nuggets

Revised: 29-Sept.-2015
“Hallelujah” is the English form of a Hebrew word. The Hebrew word הללויה (ha·le·lu·YAH) is spelled with five consonants and four vowel symbols. However, we have already learned one of the consonants, the י (yod), and three of the vowels, ַ  (pa·TAḤ), וּ (shu·RUK) and ָ  (ka·MATS). Also, two of the five consonants in ha·le·lu·YAH are duplicated. Altogether, then, we only need to learn two new consonants and one new vowel to read the long Hebrew word ha·le·lu·YAH.

Hebrew NuggetsThe first letter in the word הללויה is ה (he’). It is the Hebrew “h” sound, the fifth letter in the Hebrew alphabet. In our system of transliteration, he’ is transliterated “h.”

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