Hebrew and Literary Reconstruction of Gospel Stories

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In these two video clips Robert Lindsey discusses the possibility of recapturing the earliest form of the stories about Jesus in their original language and in their original literary contexts.

JP is excited to announce that David Bivin and Joshua Tilton have recently begun work on reconstructing the “complete” story of Jesus and Levi the toll collector as part of the “Life of Yeshua: A Suggested Reconstruction” project. The reconstruction not only includes suggesting how the story of Jesus and the toll collector might have been worded in Hebrew (Hebrew reconstruction), it also attempts to show that, at a pre-synoptic stage, the Call of Levi was originally followed up by the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin similes (literary reconstruction).

The discovery of this “complete” story of Jesus and Levi the toll collector was made by Robert Lindsey in collaboration with David Flusser when they realized how perfectly these “literary fragments” fitted together. This discovery led Lindsey to propose several more literary reconstructions, including the “Cost of Entering the Kingdom of Heaven” complex, and the “Mission of the Twelve” complex which is nearing completion.

In the following video clips Rev. Dr. Robert L. Lindsey discusses the possibility and the challenge of Hebrew and literary reconstruction.

Hebrew Reconstruction

Literary Reconstruction


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